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Mass Insight collects resumes on an on-going basis for both short-term contract consultants and full-time staff consultants. Contract consultants are called upon to serve on project teams on an ad-hoc basis and are paid at an hourly or daily rate. Full-time staff consultants are Mass Insight salaried employees.

Applicants should submit a cover letter detailing that they are interested in one or both types of opportunities. Mass Insight collects resumes and interviews for both types of consultants on an on-going basis. At this juncture, Mass Insight does not have any full-time positions open, but applicants whose materials are on file are the first considered when a position does open up.

Consultant Position Summary

Mass Insight is always looking for top talent to join out team!. While we may not have an opening on the School Improvement team at this time, we welcome applicants to apply.  We are continuing to grow and expand our business.

While the Mass Insight office is located in Boston, Mass Insight staff live all over the country. Mass Insight staff travel to partner sites on a regular basis. A consultant should expect to travel, on average, twice per month.  All Mass Insight staff also convene in Boston for quarterly organization-wide meetings.

A consultant plays a key role on our team, partnering with a school, district, state department and/or other education organization to assess, plan, implement and evaluate strategies connected to our Theory of Action to improve student achievement and school performance. Consultants take a design-based approach with clients to provide expert support for projects under the direction of a team leader, and are responsible for major elements of projects. Consultants work directly with Mass Insight partners, and often manage and develop more junior staff.


Mass Insight has identified a set of Core Competencies that it expects to see in all staff members.  Candidates for the consultant position should demonstrate competence in each of the following areas at the level described:

Core Competencies

Consultant Level Expectations

Champions Our Theory of Action

  • Understands and helps others to understand how our theory of action informs our work
  • Organizes work to implement most elements of our theory of action

Believes in and Grows People

  • Manages staff from an assets-based approach and effectively develops his/her people
  • Demonstrates resilience in the face of challenge
  • Establishes clear expectations for staff and provides needed support

Promotes Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness

  • Seeks out, values, and responds to cultures—including perspectives, experiences different from one’s own
  • Understands, anticipates, and plans for the ways that culture impacts our work with both partners and other Mass Insight staff
  • Helps build cultural awareness in other staff
  • Uses knowledge of staff, including their cultural perspectives, experiences, interests, and concerns, to differentiate management; uses knowledge of self to account for how one’s beliefs, values, biases, and work preferences affect one’s staff

Establishes Partner Trust

  • Builds relationships with key members of partner team to advance the work
  • Able to authentically describe the challenges facing partners 
  • Demonstrates cross-cultural agility by establishing strong relationships and ensuring success in a variety of settings

Manages Projects to Impact in Spite of Ambiguity

  • Gets the required work done, even when there are grey areas and obstacles
  • Supports Mass Insight and partners in maintaining a focus on the work in spite of distractions
  • Able to adjust work and project schedule and milestones in response to changing expectations

Effectively Works as a Team Player

  • Builds and supports a cohesive team to accomplish project goals
  • Operates with self-awareness and maintains perspective to support the team
  • Takes responsibility for addressing team challenges

Solves Complex Problems Systematically

  • Collects and organizes data and other evidence in ways that facilitate problem solving  
  • Builds strong project plans that meet project needs
  • Demonstrates understanding of contextual factors that influence partner success
  • Provides strong solutions to discrete problems within a project

Continuously Builds Both Education & Specific Subject Matter Expertise

  • Brings and continuously grows both education and specific subject matter expertise within the education field
  • Facilitates learning of both partner and Mass Insight staff

Communicates Effectively

  • Presents information to partners and Mass Insight colleagues in a clear and concise manner, both written and oral
  • Demonstrates active listening skills that demonstrate empathy and understanding
  • Matches communication style to the context and need

Facilitates Effectively

  • Uses a variety of facilitation tools and protocols to engage groups in learning, problem-solving, decision-making, and action-planning

In addition to demonstrating the core competencies described above, a consultant must have a bachelor’s degree. A master’s degree or comparable past experiences is preferred but not required.


About Mass Insight

Mass Insight Education & Research is a Boston-based nonprofit serving schools and districts nationwide. Our mission is to provide leadership in closing achievement and opportunity gaps for underserved students by focusing on system transformation and student academic success. Mass Insight is a leader in education reform, providing academic programs, research, and strategic consulting services across the United States. We take a design-based approach to implementing our theory of action by building networks, coherence, and capacity in order to make learning rigorous for all students.

We seek to dramatically improve student achievement at scale by transforming state and local education systems, structures, and policies. We also work directly with schools and districts to develop, implement and assess plans to improve school and district performance. Mi organizes its work around our theory of action for improving schools:






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Mass Insight’s expert team of school improvement and content professionals works with schools, districts, and states to implement proven school improvement strategies that focus on the seven elements of our Theory of Action. By focusing on system transformation and student academic success, we help schools dramatically improve and, importantly, student learning increase. At Mi, we are committed to changing lives and changing schools across the country.