Project Manager

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Project Manager
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San Antonio,  TX 78229
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Def-Logix, Inc.

Project Manager


Responsible to Director of Operations

Produces Capabilities Requirements Specification (CRS) document in Coordination with project Technical Lead and obtains Director of R&D approval before submitting to customer.

Produces project schedule in Coordination with project Technical lead and obtains Director of R&D approval before submitting to customer.

Coordinates with project Technical Lead to ensure teams are following the project plan

Produces monthly status report in Coordination with project Technical Lead and obtains Director of R&D approval before submitting to customer.

Coordinates with project Technical Lead in ensuring all deliverables are identified and submitted according to the project schedule.

Produces project plan as required in support of project Technical Lead

Assists project Technical Lead with ensuring Taiga accurately reflects the current status of the project

Coordinates demos and other meetings with customer and project Team Lead

Ensures projects white board accurately reflects the status of deliverables and issues (if any) affecting the progress of the project

Ensures all documentation including manuals, test plans, reports, etc. meet contract requirements.

Submits PTO requests to Director of Operations for approval

Performs other duties as assigned by Director of Operations


Def-Logix is hiring for a Project Manager that will be responsible for project management in accordance with client requirements and organizational guidelines. Specific duties may include oversight of program level cost, schedule, performance and deliverable services, as well as products. Detects and analytically solves a wide variety of business problems. Provides the strategic planning for successful project completion. Directs, organizes and monitors work activity, creates technical documentation as needed, is the channel of communication between the customer and company, and is responsible for meeting program cost, schedule, and performance objectives. Creates process enhancements in response to program challenges.

Serves as the subcontractor's single contract manager and shall be the subcontractor's authorized interface with the Prime Contractor. Responsible for formulating and enforcing work standards, assigning schedules, reviewing work discrepancies, supervising subcontractor personnel and communicating policies, purposes, and goals of the organization to subordinates. Shall be responsible for the overall subcontract performance. Responsible for the overall management of the specific task order(s) and ensuring that the technical/financial solutions and schedules in the specific delivery orders are implemented in a timely manner. Organizes, directs and coordinates the planning and production of all activities associated with assigned delivery order projects. Demonstrates competent writing and oral communication skills. Ensures quality products and services are delivered.


Minimum 5 years management experience in the IT field, including development work and interactions with customers

Ability to work on multiple tasks at any one time while maintaining high quality standards

Ability to spot potential risks and troubleshoot solutions that lead to better outcomes

Evidence of project management experience within a complex technology environment

Excellent organizational skills to juggle competing demands and to ensure development and implementation of proper systems and processes in an agile environment

Extensive leadership experience and strong teaming abilities

Demonstrable experience of delivering technology bias projects involving teams of predominantly technicians/programmers/engineers

Evidence of troubleshooting and solving problems in a highly technical customer focused service environment

Must be currently authorized to work in the United States on a full-time basis

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