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Combination Inspector

Job Title
Combination Inspector
Job ID
Oak Ridge,  TN
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Essential Duties and Responsibilities 
•    Overseeing construction work in progress and assisting Sandia Designated Representatives (SDRs) with contract compliance and work acceptance.
•    Providing quality performance oversight.
•    Understanding plans and specifications.
•    Performing field observations and being knowledgeable in all disciplines. Preparing observation reports that document the progress, quality, and safety of construction work and other pertinent construction information.
•    Providing Subject Mater Expert (SME) observations across geographic areas in an area of expertise (i.e., scaffolding, trenching, lightning protection, etc.).
•    Providing mandatory code inspections for compliance with building codes (e.g., IBC, NFPA, etc.) and specialized inspections for contract compliance.
•    Ensuring Construction Technical RFIs, submittals and red lines are incorporated by construction subcontractors.
•    Assisting construction subcontractors in obtaining permits and assure permit requirements are met.
•    Coordinating construction activities (e.g., utility outages).
•    Identify and resolve construction and safety issues and report concerns to SDRs and the Construction Safety department.
•    Assisting in construction site safety reviews and issuing safety observations and non-compliance documentation to the Construction Safety department.
•    Assisting SPDT with random safety inspections for compliance with OHSA, 10 CFR 851 standard and NFPA 70E and reporting these to the Construction Safety Program.
•    Performing final inspections/Punch lists of Construction projects.
•    Verifying that construction and service contractors have a completed Facilities Asbestos Implementation Team (FAIT) Asbestos Work Release assessment where applicable before the start of work.
•    Coordinating various field tests.
•    Prepare design review forms.
•    Prepare required permits and outage request checklists.
•    Prepare construction issues and deficiencies logs.
•    Prepare daily/weekly inspection reports with photos.
•    Prepare code compliance checklists

Required Qualifications
•    Multiple, more than 1, current license/certification in the discipline that they are performing work.
•    Minimum of five (5) years' experience reading and interpreting construction drawings and specifications, including applicable codes and standards, for institutional and industrial facilities.
•    Knowledge and application of OSHA 20 CFR 1926 Construction Standards.
•    Completed OSHA 10-hour training.
•     Knowledge of Behavior Based Safety procedures and construction practices.

Other relevant information
•    Must live in, or be willing to relocate to the Oak Ridge, Tennessee area
•    Must be a US Citizen
•    Must have a DOE L clearance or be able to get an L clearance

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