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Staff Optical Engineer
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Staff Optical Engineer


Founded in 2017, Activ Surgical is a first-of-its kind digital surgery company focused on improving surgical efficiency, accuracy, patient outcomes and accessibility for both endoscopic and robotically-assisted procedures. Activ Surgical’s scalable and patent-protected surgical software platform technology is driven by computer vision, artificial intelligence, analytics and machine learning to enhance a surgeon’s intra-operative decision making and reduce unintended and preventable surgical complications.

Activ Surgical is looking for individuals who are interested in shaping the future of healthcare by improving patient outcomes, reducing healthcare costs, and addressing unintended surgical complications.



You’ll join a team where everyone—including you—is striving to constantly create innovative technology. We are an incredibly supportive team–we love to pitch in when problems arise and give great peer feedback to help each other grow. We are passionate about lots of things—artificial intelligence, machine learning, autonomous robotics and a great user experience--and we love sharing those passions with each other.



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Flexible Vacation



Optical engineer with hands-on experience designing and constructing high-resolution imaging systems. Having practical experience with wavefront measurement and adaptive optics. Experienced in non-invasive surgical imaging and fluorescence techniques to image the structure and function of tissue at a cellular scale. Proficient in optical design using software such as ZEMAX or CODEV, and image processing with MATLAB. Also have working knowledge of optomechanics, visual processing, and cellular/molecular biology.  Design and tolerancing of mid-wave and long-wave infrared optics, including aspheric and diffractive optics; working closely with mechanical, manufacturing and assembly engineers to guide each product from initial concept through qualification and delivery.

Sequential optical design and tolerancing in Code V and/or Zemax as well as non-sequential analysis in FRED. Occasional programming in Code V, Zemax, FRED, Matlab and Python.

Imaging infrared autofluorescence / fluorescence in Tissue caused by infrared light and Dye’s


7-15 Years


Minimum - B.S., Physics 

Preferred- Ph.D., Optics  

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