Coatings Research Engineer / Scientist

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Coatings Research Engineer / Scientist
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Fontana,  CA
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Primary Purpose

The role of Coatings Research Engineer / Scientist will primarily be responsible for developing market-driven coating technology platforms that feed into technical solutions meeting customer needs.

This position requires a motivated, flexible and performance driven Research Engineer or Scientist with expertise in coating formulations and processes. The role is responsible for the delivery of projects from concept to implementation while working closely with engineers, scientists, and with other teams from Research, Product Development and Manufacturing Operations.


Core Function:

Utilizes scientific and/or engineering skills to generate new coating processes and technologies for building composite materials through process design/innovation, experiment designs, coatings formulations, and testing.

·         Conduct literature surveys/reviews through independent research in order to develop new concepts resulting in improved, new, or differentiated products

·         Use engineering design tools for coating formulation and process development

·         Use Design of Experiment (DoE) to design and conduct experiments in coating development

·         Conduct research and testing to identifying coating formulation associated with a process problem

·         Collaborate with peers and cross-functional teams to develop high-performance cement composites resulting in new or improved coating process and formulation development

·         Make sound recommendations to R&D leaders and the business based on solid data and in alignment with business strategy

·         Submit Concept White Papers as a part of R&Ds innovation approach and strategy


Coordinates and/or participates in pilot and factory trials on new coating processes and improved technologies.

·         Design/develop unique coating formulations and processes for existing and new coating technologies

·         Source coating raw materials for experiments and trials

·         Independently plan trials through coordinating resources (both personnel and equipment) and coordinating the availability of coatings and other raw materials

·         Overseeing the organization and setting up of the DoE and on-the-floor analytical decisions based on the immediate outcomes of the trial and reporting the final trial outcomes


Utilize effective project management skills to deliver R&D projects on schedule and target, as well as assisting and supporting other project teams or groups within the department when needed

·         Understand and explain project objectives and expected outcomes

·         Develop effective plans for the projects/tasks

·         Write reports and deliver presentations to various stakeholders at various stages of the project

·         Track and report the project progress


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

·         Knowledge and/or experience in the processes for liquid coatings, UV coating, ink formulation, material property and performance characterization using mechanical, physical, and/or chemical testing/analysis, with demonstrated ability in coating formulation.

·         Demonstrated ability to design and improve the processes

·         Ability to problem solve using a scientific yet practical engineering approach

·         Aptitude to analyze results and make recommendations

·         Ability to conduct theoretical and experimental investigations according to the plan

·         Demonstrated project management skills

·         Ability to travel to various work locations as needed

·         Strong written and oral communication skills, and ability to clearly communicate research findings through presentations and reports.

·         Superior interpersonal skills with the ability to collaborate and cooperate with others cross-functionally on multiple projects to effectively coordinate activities and accomplish goals

·         Results driven, self-disciplined, self-directing, and hold high standard in deliverables

Education/Experience (Required):

·         Master’s or PhD degree in engineering fields (coating engineering, polymer science or engineering, chemical engineering, organic chemistry, printing engineering, mechanical engineering) AND

·         3-7 years of experience in the coating formulation, coating process development and coating technology implementation

·         Experience with UV curing (required)

·         Experience in inkjet ink formulation development is a plus

Quantitative Dimensions

·         Decision Making: Innovative decision-making abilities are required to be successful in this individual contributor role.  As an R&D team member, the scientist is required to make key decisions with regard to the assigned research projects that will have both immediate and long-term impact to the business.

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