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We are looking for a UI developer to build out the EDGE platform, an integrated desktop for Risk, Reporting, Trade and
PnL visualization. EDGE is used for real time/customized analysis across our stakeholders, including senior management,
investment professionals, risk managers and Operations/other control functions within the firm.
This is an exciting opportunity to extend and build out our platform to accommodate the needs of the broader
organization as we look to improve the user experience of our end users by giving them a single gateway into the apps
they use on a daily basis.
·Actively contribute, support and maintain a cross-asset Position, PnL, Trade Blotter and Performance monitor
·Analyze and improve efficiency, scalability, stability and security of the application
·Apply agile methodologies during day-to-day work
·Build out new applications for reporting UIs that will allow Risk Managers to visualize their data in tabular and Rchart form
·Continuously refine and improve system stability by ensuring code performance and refactoring
·Contribute and develop a build pipeline to automate the deployment of our applications
·Design, develop, test, deploy and maintain reusable complex rich web/mobile user interfaces
·Develop a clean, maintainable and extensible codebase
·Develop and transform business requirements into robust Solutions under tight deadlines
·Work with Risk managers and Portfolio managers to understand their workflows and business processes
·Work with stakeholders across Equities and Fixed Income in building EDGE out as a central UI platform
·~ 5 years of Financial industry experience
·~ 5 years of HTML5 & JavaScript experience
·~ 2-3 years of REACT, REDUX experience
·Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Engineering
·Experience in Typescript (required)
·Can demonstrably write reusable components with modularity in mind
·Experience with quickly prototyping and wireframing interfaces
·Excellent communication skills
·Experience working in a fast-paced environment
·2+ years of Server-side Java experience (preferred)

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