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Electrical Hardware Systems Engineer (Hybrid/Onsite) - $110-150k

Job Title
Electrical Hardware Systems Engineer (Hybrid/Onsite) - $110-150k
Job ID
Novi,  MI 48377
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Electrical Systems Engineer - Hybrid/Onsite

Electrical Engineer working on system-level engineering and electrical problem analysis for automotive infotainment systems, specifically AM/FM, SDARS, Audio, Bluetooth, WiFi and USB features. Responsibilities include creation of validation plans, comprehending and explaining customer requirements, electrical/system issue analysis, understanding electrical schematic and block diagram of the system, understand electrical components datasheets, evaluate bench and vehicle level log files for issue analysis and supporting customer issues.

1. Capture and analyze data from LAN, LIN, and MOST bus, internal bus (I2C, etc) data capture and analysis, adjusting calibrations on LAN, testing new Software releases.
2. Perform radar evaluations on developmental units as necessary (possibly assist with other AE products also.
3. Lead the installation of surround view systems in local demo vehicles.
4. Test internally and support customer testing at different sites.
5. Test equipment experience with signal generator, audio analyzer, spectrum analyzer, noise generator, capture/ playback simulations, oscilloscope, pulse generator, active probe.
6. Obtain information requested by Product Development Team at corporate office from the customer and serve as main contact.
7. Provide required information to the customer and to corporate Product Development Team.
8. Perform vehicle tests such as functional tests, noise tests, reception tests and CD skip tests.
9. Bench testing and field testing (including subjective and objective test)
10. Perform vehicle calibrations on audio systems.
11. Responsible for reviewing and negotiating customer specifications and requirements.
12. Investigate and solve engineering and quality issues.
13. Perform analysis on warranty returns and customer plant fallouts to determine the root cause.
14. Create technical reports, 5 phase reports and 8D's.
15. Prepare necessary documentation, material, reports, etc. for customer engineering meetings.
16. Develop and maintain open issue list for customer engineering meetings.
17. Attend project related meetings with the customer.
18. Attend occasional trade shows to stay familiar with the market. May need to send written reports to corporate office.
19. Author minutes from customer meetings.
20. Gain in-depth understanding of customer requirements/ requests to give clear and concrete instructions to corporate Product Development Team.
21. Provide engineering support for Manufacturing, both product and customer sites, especially during product launch period.
22. Test and adjust SW calibrations and derive test procedures as new requirements are received.
23. Evaluate new software patches, and evaluate all system impacts.
24. Support customer quality system requirements.
25. May perform market research and product planning duties.

• Bachelor's Degree in Electrical or Software Engineering (or related technical field).
• Minimum 2 years of experience in an electrical, software, or systems role.
• Understand environmental validation requirements.
• Must be able to understand electrical schematics and block diagrams.
• Hands-on knowledge of electrical debugging tools such as oscilloscopes, voltmeters, etc.
• Proficient with MS Excel, Word, Power Point, and Project.
• Must be a self starter and proactive problem solver.
• Excellent interpersonal/communication skills.
• Ability to effectively operate and communicate in a multi-cultural environment.
• Previous experience with infotainment products (radios, navigation, amplifier, etc.).


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