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Clinical Placement Program Manager

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Clinical Placement Program Manager
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Brevard,  FL 32955
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Salary: $62,000/year

Position Summary: The Clinical Placement Program Manager ensures the timely and efficient placement of children in licensed out of home care. Essential functions include data collection and analysis, monitoring of the Out of Home Care budget to ensure fiscal responsibility, providing support and guidance with placement including high end and specialized settings to monitor utilization. The Clinical Placement Program Manager ensures the timely coordination of mental health and behavioral health services with the Behavioral Health Unit to ensure interventions authorized are appropriate based on clinical presentation. This position tracks, monitors and approves children who are placed in enhanced settings in which daily rates exceed the established board pay due to acuity of needs. The Clinical Placement Program Manager provides oversight of the ICPC, OTI, Trauma Screening and Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) function and directly supervises the Placement Stabilization Specialist.

Technical/Functional Expectations:

  1. Clinical Oversight of Licensed OOHC Levels of Care: This position provides oversight of the children and youth placed in licensed out of home care ensuring placement eligibility criteria aligns with the BFP Placement Service Array Matrix for Foster Care and Group Home Levels, high end, and specialized placement settings. This position is responsible for reviewing provider notes in PSAM, reviewing 100/806 Care Plans, PSAM reporting system, and evaluating services during Placement Stabilization Staffing’s and/or Higher Level of Care MDTs.
  2. Comprehensive Clinical Review-In partnership with the Behavioral Health and MDT coordinators, jointly reviews clinical service intervention, participates in the OOHC daily staffing as appropriate, and attends Placement Stabilization and Baker Act Staffing’s and other Sunshine/CBCIH reviews for SIPP and STGH.
  3. Oversight of Trauma Screening Process:  This position provides oversight of the trauma screening process to ensure that children new to care are assessed through the Trauma Screening Tool and follow up as appropriate with all recommended service interventions. This position tracks child specific outcome measurement systems, collects, and analyzes data, report trends and participates in interagency meetings.
  4. Data collection: Develops and implements tools and processes to track critical data elements including but not limited to enhanced placements, SIPP. STGH, CESC placement, congregate care, and APD settings. This position is responsible for assessing the ongoing need for placement level and appropriateness for stepping down to lower levels of care.
  5. ICPC and OTI: Provide support and supervision to the Senior Data Specialist who serves as the ICPC and OTI POC to ensure compliance in all areas.
  6. Placement Stabilization Specialist:  This position directly supervises the Placement Stability Specialist to ensure that children experiencing placement crisis, disruption and foster parents requiring additional support are addressed timely including on site response as indicated, documented in FSFN, and follows up as needed to ensure placement stabilization and support.
  7. Third Tier on Call Rotation: Participate in the third tier on call rotation to provide timely service for children placed in licensed care.
  8. Other duties as required: Job performance requires fulfilling other incidental or related duties as assigned, assisting, and training others, and performing duties of higher rated positions from time to time for developmental purposes.
Behavioral Competencies:
  1. Analytical Problem Resolution: Able to use systematic techniques to define problems, options, and solutions; evaluate alternative solutions; solve technical problems using logic.
  2. Analyzing: Able to break down problems and information to systematically identify the cause of problems or make recommendations; gather information from multiple sources; analyze complex information; organize information for analysis.
  3. Strategic Perspective: Able to develop long-term, big picture strategies, recognize broad implications of issues; balance and integrate strategic vision with day-to-day activities.
  4. Influence: Able to positively change the opinions and actions of others in a desired direction; present information in a persuasive manner; clarify information to gain understanding and buy-in.
  5. Teamwork: Able to share ideas and learn from others to build consensus; assist others to achieve team goals; contribute to meetings so they are productive; challenge status quo to achieve excellence.
  6. Decisiveness: Able to use available information to draw a timely conclusion and take timely action; ability to execute timely decisions in stressful situations in a fast-paced dynamic environment.
  7. Sensitivity: Work effectively with and show sensitivity to cultural differences and various socio-economic backgrounds of others.
  8. Ethics: Adhere to and model principles and values of Agency and System of Care by being strength-based, solution-focused, maintain highest level of integrity and ethical standards and collaborate with employees, partners, stakeholders, and clients in all interactions.
Business Experience:
  1. Three years’ experience as a supervisor: This is required to appropriately manage out of home care placements in the least restrictive culturally competent setting.
  2. Strength Based Family Centered Practice Orientation: This is essential to effectively support the System of Care and its values.
  3. Strong Interpersonal, Presentation, and Organization skills: This is required to effectively partner with various stakeholders and agency staff and train community stakeholders.
  4. Utilization and Fiscal Management: This is preferred to effectively evaluate levels of care, be fiscally responsible and manage a continuum of services.
  5. Valid Driver's License - Essential: This is required to travel throughout the county and other locations.
Educational and Experience Requirements:
  1. BA/BS - bachelor’s degree or equivalent required in human services related field.
  2. MA/MS - master’s degree or equivalent preferred in human services related field.
  3. 3 years supervisor experience required.
  4. 2 years clinical experience required.
Physical Requirements:
  1. Sitting
  2. Standing
  3. Reading
  4. Speaking
  5. Listening
  6. Typing
  7. Writing

The Brevard Family Partnership Family of Agencies are Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employers. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or protected veteran status. These employers also maintain Drug-Free Workplaces. Requests for Auxiliary Aids for Hearing Impaired or Limited English Proficiency Candidates may be made with a minimum of five (5) days notice to C. Hernandez at (321) 752-4650.