Lead Threat Intelligence Analyst

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Lead Threat Intelligence Analyst
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Roseland,  NJ 07068
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The Lead Threat Intelligence Analyst will be responsible for the strategic, tactical, and operational analysis of cyber and fraudulent threats that may impact ADP. The specific focus for this analyst will be around deception practices and counter intelligence (CI). ADP’s view of CI can be thought of as actions taken to identify and counter adversary intrusions before they occur as well as the efforts in identifying and minimizing the threat landscape. The analyst will focus on enhancing our existing program and the creation of new procedures and methodologies in order to discover new attacker tactics, techniques and tooling — with the ultimate goal of improving our ability to prevent, detect and respond to fraudulent

Scope of Responsibilities

  • Utilize deceptive practices in both cyber and fraud spaces
  • Understand common fraud schemes (Recruitment, Mule, Account Take Over, Setup)
  • Collect indicator data from external and internal intelligence sources and validate and apply context to the collected data
  • Collect, analyze, investigate, store and disseminate threat intelligence (actors, campaigns, TTPs, IOAs, IOCs)
  • Maintain a high state of situational awareness regarding threats to the organization and within the related relevant industries
  • Leverage and expand the capabilities of existing analytical tools and technologies; recommend new technologies as appropriate
  • Draft, edit, and disseminate threat intelligence products (briefings, reports, etc.) to appropriate stake holders
  • Create custom analytic products based on conclusions and judgments derived from threat intelligence
  • Support the Critical Incident Response Center (CIRC) with intelligence collection, analysis and/or dissemination as it relates to on-going investigations

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