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Project Manager

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Project Manager
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Fresno, CA,  CA 93727
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We are looking for an experienced Project Manager to join our team in Fresno. The job will require all stages of managing the project, including but not limited to: determining Union requirements, reviewing job specifications, visiting job sites attending pre-construction meetings, reviewing contracts, preparing the project, maintaining the schedule and submittals, communicating with contractors, ordering materials, managing change orders, quality control, and overseeing the close-out process. The candidate must be a US citizen or authorized to work in the US.

If you possess the qualifications required, and our company core values match those you seek in a potential employer, we would like to hear from you. Our team is dedicated to achieving success. We embrace both exceptional individual efforts and collaborative team work.

We expect:

  • A minimum of five (5) years Industry experience with various sized projects, with direct experience in specifically managing large storefronts, window walls, curtain walls and other glazing systems
  • High School Diploma and some college (certification or Associates degree), in Construction or Architectural Technology course work
  • Working knowledge of field practices, procedures and concepts, and current knowledge of building codes
  • Experienced with materials, machines, tools and equipment used in the Industry
  • Firm knowledge of reading blue prints as well as architectural and structural drawings
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Listening and problem- solving skills are critical
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills
  • Working knowledge of Windows Operating System, Microsoft Word, Excel and Microsoft Project

We offer:

  • A Competitive salary, commensurate with experience
  • A generous benefits package
  • An Employee Stock Ownership Plan
  • An ownership-oriented corporate climate that values and respects all partners

    Participate in job turn-over

    Review scope within 2 weeks

    Determine Union requirements, prevailing wage,

        insurance program, bonding, length of warranties,

        drug testing, safety requirements

    Review job specifications

         review table of contents

        determine approved manufacturers

        determine material finishes

        determine design criteria

        determine performance requirements

    Visit job site for evaluation

        determine  conditions and logistics for deliveries

        and installation

    Attend pre-construction meetings

    Review and understand contract


    Manage project

    Prepare schedule on Microsoft Project

    Prepare submittals and maintain submittal log

    Plan for lead times

    Communicate with Contractor on any issues

        regarding lead time, required deposits

    Confirm Schedule with Contractor

    Formulate proper RFIs to customer

    Supply super intendant and foreman with budgeted

        labor hours, if beneficial

    Keep all e-mails pertaining to the job in separate

        Outlook folder

    Create RFI's in clear language including deadline

    Route Subcontracts through contract administration

    Place material orders

        request warranty with purchase order

        include specifications with purchase order

        monitor and follow up on delivery dates

        make sure materials are checked within 24 hours

        notify vendor of problems immediately

        handle replacement process

    Quote and negotiate profitable change orders

        make sure additional time requirements are included

        make sure all cost codes are checked to make

            sure nothing is missed

    Conduct job site visits as needed

        at least every other week

        perform quality control

        check problems with vendors

        photograph the process

        confirm installation progress

    Make sure installation is per instructions and

        company standards

    Keep super intendant and foreman informed of

       job status

    Make sure all conversations are documented; 

        particularly delays

    Review sensitive communications with Department Mgr.

    Make sure Daily Reports are filled out and filed

    Track all Market Recovery Hours weekly when applicable


    Completion of Project

    Provide contract administration with all required info.

    Oversee close out process

    Provide all documents to be archived to contract admin.

    Inform contract administration of last day on site

    Cooperate in watching for final payment and deadline

        to file mechanic's lien


    General tasks

    Prepare reports on job progress twice every month

    Attend monthly Project Manager's meeting

    Establish and maintain good relationships with

        customers and vendors

    Coordinate in-house project team

    Manage $ 1,500.00 allowance for meals and events



    Honest and ethical


    Committed to quality and excellence

    Willing to take on challenges

    Results oriented with a clear focus on high quality and business profit

    Willing to seek out new ideas

    Excellent communicator

    Analytical and decisive decision maker

    Action-oriented, entrepreneurial, flexible, and innovative

    Ability to prioritize and communicate to staff key objectives and tactics

    Professional, courteous and always calm

    Good sense of humor

    Able to handle the pressure of multiple crucial deadlines

    Able to work extended hours when required



    Understand Windows operation system

    Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel

    Basic knowledge of Sage 300

    Excellent written and oral communication skills

    Strategic thinking

    Problem analysis and problem solving


    Judgment and decision making

    Good project and time management skills

    Knowledge of  business and management principles

    Leadership skills

    Ability to work collaboratively



    Minimum Undergraduate Degree in Business Administration or extensive equivalent courses

    Extensive experience in all aspects of the glazing industry