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Account Manager, Advertising Agency, Full-Time

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Account Manager, Advertising Agency, Full-Time
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Jacksonville,  FL
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We're hiring for an Account Manager as a full-time job for a leading advertising agency in Jacksonville, FL.

Position Overview: The main responsibility of Account Manager can be summarized in these three words: Strategic, Communicative, and Developing. This means that Account Managers are ultimately held accountable for the success or failure of an account and are primarily responsible for the direction and destination of an account. They are also have sole responsibility for client communication, and for developing their Account Coordinator(s) into being effective members of the team, which involves training and teaching them to be better at their jobs. 

Account Manager Responsibilities: 

  • Reviewing the content calendars and topic calendars that Account Coordinators produce and getting client approval
  • Ensuring Gantt Charts for each client are created and keeping the Account Coordinator accountable for upkeeping that schedule plan
  • Writing projects should be submitted to the client before the 1st of the month, which means the Coordinators will be submitting the content on or around the 3rd week of the previous month
  • Reviewing the images chosen by the Account Coordinators and providing training and feedback if the Account Coordinators are struggling with this aspect. Identifying appropriate and compelling featured images for content
  • Double checking the content, images, formatting, and links for the email campaigns, ensuring Account Coordinators are using appropriate UTM codes and tracking metrics
  • Working with Account Coordinators on new kinds of email strategies that may work better for clients
  • Submitting creative briefs to Graphic Design and working with the Creative Director for direction
  • Researching content topics and building monthly content calendars
  • Researching content topics for ads, looking at trade publications, Google Analytics, Google Trends, Keyword Planner, etc
  • Daily monitoring of ad campaigns
  • Taking initiative on new keywords and strategies to improve campaigns
  • Tracking ongoing results and optimizing campaigns

Required Qualifications:

  • 5+ years of ad agency/client-facing experience
  • A deep understanding of the creative, digital, and marketing space
  • The ability to be a team player
  • Bachelor's degree in marketing communications or related field

About the Company: To be successful, you can’t be afraid of the occasional Nerf gun fight, Pop-a-Shot challenge, or dance break. As a highly collaborative agency, each member on their team works closely with the other members, helping with brainstorming, strategy creation, and content ideation. They are a company that loves working with highly motivated, eager, and bright people. They love the work they do and get excited about learning new industries and finding new ways to deliver excellence to their clients.

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