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Medical Physicist

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Medical Physicist
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San Bernardino,  CA 92411
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The medical physicist shall direct the physics program, dosimetrists, radiation therapists, nurses and other specialties in physics related activities.


  1. Direct acceptance testing of new therapy equipment in a manner suitable for radiation dose delivery and imaging.
  2. Calibration of therapy equipment in a manner suitable for accurate radiation dose delivery and imaging.
  3. Direct or develop the design of prescribe patient treatment aids, special devices, compensators, molds, block and MLC.
  4. Participate and continually evaluate the Radiation Safety Program in Radiation Oncology.
  5. Assist the physicians in the determination of dose distributions in patients undergoing external beam or brachytherapy treatments.
  6. Direct the acquisition of direct radiation measurements in patients and their interpretations.
  7. Provide continuing education programs to physicians, therapists, dosimetrists, nurses and associated personnel in Radiation Oncology.
  8. Participate in equipment planning, program planning, marketing, staff review and budget preparation.
  9. Assist service engineers in proper maintenance of imaging and treatment equipment.
  10. Maintain proper and appropriate records necessary for JCAHCO, the State of California and other regulatory agencies.
  11. Review and assist in the development of the departmental policies and procedures.
  12. Assist in the development and evaluation of the departmental quality assurance program.
  13. Serve as a member or in a leadership role of the Radiation Safety Committee and other committees as developed by the department.
  14. Manage and promote the radiation Medical Physics service to provide the highest level of excellence in patient care.
  15. Establish, develop and monitor procedures for measuring the performance levels of imaging and treatment equipment.
  16. Provide evidence that treatment equipment meets applicable rules and regulations of performance in areas of radiation, mechanical and electrical safety as required by JCAHO, NRC, or other regulatory agencies.
  17. Serve as educator to other hospital personnel and the general public in the area of radiation safety.
  18. Provide consultation for personnel radiation exposure.
  19. Direct calibration of survey meters, source wipe tests, source inventories, source shipping, handling and storage.
  20. Monitor the proper function of brachytherapy applicators.
  21. Maintain a clinical “hands on” approach in carrying out duties and responsibilities in Radiation Oncology.
  22. Participate in any other departmental activities as requested.

Professional relationships

The medical physicist shall report to the Medical Director of Radiation Oncology in the performance of his/her professional and administrative duties.

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Experience:          Minimum two (2) years clinical experience in radiation oncology physics in a Radiation Oncology Department under the preceptorship of a physicist certified by the American Board of Radiology in Radiological Physics or Radiation Therapy Physics.  Experience shall include calibration of linear accelerators, calibration of kilovoltage and orthovoltage x-ray units, calibration of other radiation sources, clinical dosimetry of external beams, and brachytherapy,  acceptance of linear accelerators, CT simulators and conventional Simulators, patient setup and computer treatment planning and dosimetry using common commercial systems (Eclipse, Pinnacle, etc.).
  1. At minimum a Master Degree in Medical Physics.  Doctoral Degree in Medical Radiation Physics is desirable or equivalent.  Certified by The American Board of Radiology in Radiological Physics or Therapeutic Physics.  Must meet the “qualified Expert” criteria as defined by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and/or State regulatory agencies.

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