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Manager of Content/SEO

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Manager of Content/SEO
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Atlanta,  GA 30328
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We are looking for a Talented LOCAL Candidate to fill this critical role.  MUST BE IN THE METRO-ATLANTA AREA!!

As the Manager of Content & SEO you will be responsible for planning, implementing and managing our content and executing the SEO strategy. As our online presence is paramount for the success of our business, your position will play a vital role in driving our business' growth.  

The role of the Manager of SEO & Content is the development and optimization of the content department. In this role, you ensure that all the business’ narratives and messages are in support of the content strategies and editorial decisions that you formulate along with other key stakeholders. You also oversee the development and management of the business’ brand standards and content style guides, as well as the overall expression of the business’ corporate identity in the content it puts out.

At this capacity, you will also lead and inspire the development of first-class content by the content department personnel along with other production means inclusive of videos, infographics, blogs, and data visualization in order to ensure optimal delivery of content to target audiences across multiple channels.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Development and management of the business’ brand standards and content style guides
  • Develop and manage content across all areas of the company, including both marketing to new customers and communication with existing customers; oversees all the content put out by the business to the media through, direct mail, email, interviews, collateral, speeches, recorded messages, newsletters and so forth
  • Act as a consultant to the Public Relations team and Product Marketing department, offering strategic counsel in their content planning, development, as well as overall strategies for key events and projects inclusive of major business conferences, and other key initiatives


  • Coordinating with SEO advisor(s) to plan, develop, and implement SEO and content strategies
  • Work towards organic search optimization and ROI maximization
  • Create roadmap for all content and the content calendar for
  • Develop strategy for marketing outreach and backlink opportunities
  • Prepare and present reports regularly
  • Identify our buyer persona to better target identified audiences
  • Stay up to date with the latest SEO and digital marketing latest trends and best practices



  • Oversees all of the social media channels in regard to content, promotion, consumer engagement, customer service, performance management, and listings. Expands and oversees the social media development tools and processes in order to facilitate actionable insights that inform strategic decision-making for the business’s social media presence and content



  • Identify problems and deficiency and implement solutions in a timely manner 
  • Suggest improvements in process and productivity optimization
  • Collaborate with web developers and marketing team to execute roadmap
  • Assist in building a team for SEO outreach, copywriting, and social media/reviews


  • 5 or more years of experience as content manager focused on SEO improvement
  • 5 or more years of experience in planning and implementing a successful SEO strategy
  • 5 or more years of experience marketing communications
  • 5 or more years managing social media and PR efforts
  • Sense of ownership and pride in your performance and its impact on company’s success
  • Critical thinker and problem-solving skills
  • Good time-management skills
  • Team player
  • Great interpersonal and communication skills

Education/Experience:  BA in writing, communications, marketing or similar relevant field or commiserate experience in the field

Computer Skills: Must be proficient in MS Office, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and SEMRush.

 Supervisory ResponsibilitiesManage the content department, including SEO outreach, copywriters, and social media/reviews manager.



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