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    Medical Technology Generalist

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    Medical Technology Generalist
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    The Medical Technology Generalist III performs routine and complex procedures for clinical diagnostic purposes in accordance with established standards and procedures. Performs laboratory testing in Chemistry, Hematology, Blood Bank and Microbiology (Bacteriology, Serology, Virology, Mycology and Mycobacteriology). Serves as team leader for Medical Technologists I and II, other laboratory staff and healthcare professional students.
    Interacts internally with pathologists, clinicians, laboratory staff, residents, and students for the purpose of providing assistance and support during laboratory testing and training sessions. External contacts include staff from various accrediting organizations and regulatory agencies.
    Performs Quality Control (QC) and complex patient testing, develops skills and maintains competency in routine, “specials” and assigned laboratory areas.
    Performs patient and QC material tests and reports results in accordance with departmental policy.
    Ensures error rate is consistent with established departmental standards.
    Reports and documents critical and corrected values per medical laboratory policy.
    Incorporates clinical correlation of results with other known patient in result verification per department procedure including delta checks.
    Prioritizes and manages workload to meet or exceed established Turn-Around-Times (TATs).
    Maintains competencies and new skills as technologies change.
    Assesses proper inventories and correctly uses supplies and reagents.
    Assesses inventory levels and is responsible for ordering reagents and supplies to maintain appropriate levels to ensure operational continuity. 
    Receives, stores and properly verifies reagents for quality prior to use, per departmental policy.
    Utilizes reagents and supplies according to manufacturer and/or procedural instructions.
    Disposes of reagents and supplies in accordance with departmental safety guidelines.
    Performs advanced equipment trouble-shooting and maintenance responsibilities.
    Performs and documents routine and complex equipment maintenance on a scheduled basis, consistent with departmental policy.
    Performs and documents equipment maintenance on a routine basis.
    Recognizes, trouble –shoots, resolves and documents instrument malfunctions in a timely manner.
    Contacts manufacturer’s technical service for resolution as needed to maintain workflow and to schedule repairs.
    Performs processes required for instrument re-entry and use.
    Constantly assesses workflow and initiates corrective actions when appropriate, to maintain operational continuity and efficiency.    
    Coordinates and implements product/method/new test development as needed.
    Restocks workstations with supplies to maintain a consistent workflow.
    Identifies specimen status trends and issues and implements corrective action as indicated,
    consistent with departmental policy.
    Initiates activities associated with quality, safety and compliance programs.
    Leads Quality Assurance (QA) monitoring efforts to implement improvements.
    Reports and investigates quality issues promptly and accurately.
    Formulates and submits suggestions for process improvement for consideration on a routine basis.
    Applies compliance guidelines to all testing and reporting activities.
    Conducts laboratory operations to ensure a safe working environment at all times.
    Coordinates and participates in technical and/or operational studies and projects.
    Serves as leader and expert for analytical and technical questions and problems.
    Addresses staff inquiries in an accurate and timely manner, utilizing appropriate resources.
    Provides assistance as requested by staff and management to investigate and resolve problems.
    Reviews and documents problem resolution to ensure completeness and accuracy.
    Serves as a role model, and mentor for staff, house staff physicians and healthcare students.
    Explains procedures in an accurate manner.
    Provides and constructively documents assessment of students, including problems or concerns.
    Observes students at all times during performance and reporting of laboratory results.
    Ensures a smooth transition to the next shift.
    Communicates specimen status (pending log problems and critical values) to the appropriate person(s).
    Participates in quality, safety and compliance programs.
    Reports quality issues to a supervisor in a timely manner.
    Makes suggestions for process improvement, planning and development.
    Participates in required compliance programs and applies compliance guidelines to all testing and reporting activities.
    Makes updates to procedures in compliance with departmental and regulatory requirements.
    Investigates, documents and resolves problems or complaints.
    Documents and resolves problems with specimen testing when possible.
    Handles customer complaints professionally and in a timely manner, strictly adhering to the departmental policy on customer service.
    Communicates unresolved problems to the appropriate Assistant Laboratory Manager.
    Completes training documentation accurately and in a timely manner.
    Delivers information to patients and staff in a supportive, timely and understandable manner.
    Participates in ongoing performance improvement activities.
    Plays a key role in the laboratory preparation for inspections by (but not limited to) College of American Pathologists, Food and Drug Administration, District of Columbia Department of Health, American Association of Blood Banks, and Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.
    Promotes adherence to the Health Sciences Compliance Program, the Howard University Code of Ethics and the Health Sciences Standards of Conduct.
    Attends annual and periodic mandatory Compliance Program training including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy training.
    Participates in activities that promote adherence to federal healthcare program requirements.
    Actively participates in Health Sciences Compliance Program activities.
    Adheres to the requirements of the HIPAA Privacy Policies and Procedures.
    Maintains confidentiality of patients, families, and staff.
    The employee is expected to achieve appropriate Hospital performance and productivity standards as established. 
    The employee will perform other duties that further the customer service needs of the unit, such as answering phones, greeting and escorting patients, and administrative and clerical duties upon demand.
    The employee will respond to emergent and urgent patient and operational issues.
    The employee on occasion may be requested to cover part or all of other shifts, and/or be on call.
    The employee will obtain necessary certifications as required by regulatory agencies.
    Assumes other duties and responsibilities that are related and appropriate to the position and area.  The above responsibilities are a general description of the level and nature of the work assigned to this classification and are not to be considered as all-inclusive.
    Ability to accurately perform testing procedures.
    Proficiency in interpreting and evaluating laboratory results.
    Ability to handle specimens properly.
    Sufficient sight (including color discrimination), manual dexterity and mobility to function effectively in exercising job responsibilities.
    Demonstrates knowledge of quality, safety and compliance programs.
    Knowledge of biohazard and chemical risks and precautions to avoid contamination.
    Demonstrated ability to work well independently and with others.
    Competence in both oral and written English.
    Ability to establish and maintain effective and harmonious work relationships with staff, physicians, Hospital and University officials, and the general public.
    Must demonstrate collaboration; accountability; respect; excellence; and service.
    Works with team members and peers in and outside of their immediate work group to create an exceptional experience for patients, students and other visitors; looks for ways to achieve departmental/institutional results by partnering.
    Accepts responsibility for his/her actions to provide health care and or ancillary functions in a highly efficient and compassionate manner.  The employee must function as a Steward (Have Ownership) of the Howard values that foster a commitment to improving the patient and student experience, organizational efficiency and the environment.
    Embraces diversity; cares holistically for those we serve; treats all as we would like to be treated; manages the patient’s right to privacy with meticulous care 100% of the time and keeps patient and proprietary information about the institution confidential.
    Anticipates the patient’s and student’s needs, presents as a model representative of the institution and maintains high standards of care while striving to improve performance and create exceptional experiences for our customers.
    Behaves in a friendly, resourceful and professional manner towards all they encounter; treats patients, students and visitors in the same way that they would want their family members or themselves to be treated.

    Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Technology or related field, with a registry by the American Society of Pathologist (ASCP) (MT), (H/C), or an equivalent registry. Five (5) years of progressive work experience in an accredited laboratory.
    Must be able to work assigned shift, (days, evenings, nights,) and weekends and holidays, when required.
    Must be able to stand, walk, sit, lift (12-25 lbs.), bend, pull, push, reach, handle, write, type, file, speak, hear, see (depth perception, color vision), calculate, compare, edit, evaluate, interpret and organize for extended periods of time.

    Required Skills

    Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Technology or related field, with a registry by the American Society of Pathologist (ASCP) (MT), (H/C), or an equivalent registry. Five (5) years of progressive work experience in an accredited laboratory.

    Must be able to work assigned shift, (days, evenings, nights,) and weekends and holidays, when required.

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