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Manager, Asset Management

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Manager, Asset Management
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North America or Europe, 
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North America or Europe


We are seeking a Manager of Asset Management who will provide expertise and focus to the management of the Company’s inventory, the procurement of excess and lead time buys from the Company’s customers and for the development and management of Inventory related programs for our customers.  This individual must have proven career knowledge of Sales and Purchasing of inventory both from customers as well as the open market.  This position will report directly to the VP of EMS Sales and Asset Management Group and will work closely with the Company’s Sales and Purchasing organizations to establish sales approaches with our business partners.

PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES: (Additional duties may be assigned as required)

As the Asset Management Group Manager, Employee will be responsible for managing Sourceability’s Asset Management Group and developing the division as necessary to facilitate growth and maximize company profitability.  Specific responsibilities include:

Develop, promote and execute on plans to purchase excess inventory (line items or lots) from the Company’s customers and suppliers.

Developing demand forecasts and projections to help drive inventory purchases via the Company’s customers and the open market.

Develop promote and execute on plans to purchase lead time “piggy back” orders with the Company’s OEM, EMS and ODM customers;

Identify possible speculation buys with confirmed customer demand on short or EOL/LTB product.

Develop, promote and execute plans to assist the Company’s OEM customers with Life Time Buys, Consignments and other inventory management services;

Management of the Company’s inventory by:

Reviewing all sales orders daily to ensure the Company’s Account Managers and Purchasing Team are not purchasing inventory it already in stock.

Reviewing all incoming unallocated inventory daily to determine why the material was purchased.

Determining when it is in the best interest of the Company to liquidate a current inventory position, even if it is at a loss; Marketing of the Company’s inventory by properly managing:

Recommending the sales price by line item;

The Company’s Account Managers that field all incoming broker calls.

Ensuring/overseeing delivery, follow-up and customer service related to sales of the Company’s stock.

Working closely with the Company’s sales team to maximize sales (and margin on sales) of the Company’s inventory.

Identifying new vendors that currently do not exist in the Company’s normal purchasing channels.

Assisting the Global Purchasing and PPV Specialists in their efforts to have the Company become a leader in Cost Savings opportunities for our Global Customers.

Assisting the Accounting department by confirming terms, payment stipulations, credit and other accounting related requirements.

Assisting the Operations team with any needs related to packaging and import/export documentation.

Representing, instilling, and perpetuating the Company’s mission, values, goals, code of business ethics, corporate culture and signature service guarantees.

Setting a positive example for “team building” in the Company’s offices by helping to instill a sense of community and a positive atmosphere throughout the company.

Build out an excess team globally support regional business opportunities.

Manage incoming excess and proactively match part number to sales opportunities RF/BOM/SO    

Proactively reach out to sales to follow up.

Review product to see if any product is obsolete or long extended lead time problems.

This person needs to have an understanding of the market (shortage, PVV, etc) and what is happening in the market, availability, pricing etc.

Proactively review excess and offers and look at high dollar items that don’t have demand in our system. Market the product by customer segment, market vertical.


Completing other related duties and obligations that may arise from time to time and as requested from Senior Management of the Company.



Bachelor’s degree 

3-4+ years of industry related sales and purchasing experience  

Proven Leadership skill with managerial experience

Experience working across multiple industries

Experience working with both Fortune 1000 companies and Venture Capital and startup companies