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SCADA Applications Engineer

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SCADA Applications Engineer
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Washington,  DC
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Falcon IT is looking for a senior-level Software Engineer to join a dynamic Washington D.C. team. If you are detail-oriented and have a strong passion for continuous process improvements to expedite high-quality product deployment, apply now! 

Key Skills/Experience: Strong SCADA Systems (Iconics, Wonderware, Rockwell, Ignition, etc.) experience, plus hands-on DB (SQL/Oracle) experience creating tables, stored procedures, etc.

How are you successful in this role?

  1. The Software Engineer shall have experience creating object-oriented applications.
  2. The Software Engineer shall have experience designing and maintaining relational databases
  3. The Software Engineer shall have experience designing SCADA applications using Iconics, Wonderware, Rockwell, Ignition, and various SCADA packages
  4. The Software Engineer shall have experience with OPC communication protocols such as Kepware, Modbus, and Bacnet.
  5. Candidates with Iconics experience will be considered first.
  1. Object/class creation and usage.
  1. An application developer using a mainstream programming language (.NET, Java, etc) would understand these concepts well enough to grasp the Workbench fundamentals.
  2. Someone with strong tag-based PLC programming might suffice. Rockwell, Omron, Siemens, and other platforms use User Defined Data Types (UDTs). Same concept.
  1. SQL Server
  1. A good understanding of databases is required – not necessarily SQL, but preferred. Need to understand tables, stored procedures, and relational database designs.
  1. Open Platform Communications (OPC)
  1. Assuming the person has items 1 and 2 covered above, experience with OPC is required. OPC connects Iconics to Kepware, Bacnet, Modbus, etc.
  2. Someone with decent experience using Rockwell, Wonderware, Ignition, etc would grasp this. 
  1. SCADA
  1. Experience creating HMI screens and user experience with Rockwell, Wonderware, Ignitions, etc. Iconics preferred.
  1. US Citizen or Green Card Holder


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