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Fiber Engineer
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Centric Fiber is looking to add a key employee to its Engineering team. We’re looking for a motivated individual that has experience designing fiber systems for single, multi-family and mixed use developments. This new team member will work on building the department from its infancy stages into one of the largest parts of the company’s organization structure.

The Engineer will be responsible for design and technical oversight on commercial and residential development projects. The Engineer will assist the Vice President of Engineering in designing and permitting the required utilities with the appropriate agencies. Quality and standard reviews of ongoing projects will be one of the primary responsibilities of the Engineer.

  1. Prepare engineered fiber network designs to be used in Centric Fiber projects (designs to include greenfield, brownfield, trenched, and aerial configurations)
  • Conduit trench maps
  • Conduit/vault/hand-hole sizing and placement
  • Fiber sizing and placement
  • Surface site design and layout
  • When applicable cell tower (micro), Wi-Fi antenna, and other communications devices
  1. Select project materials to be used in network designs; ensure purchasing system adequately reflects proper vendors, part numbers, and associated pricing
  2. Work with operations team to prepare request-for-quotes in support of project planning; items to prepare may include map exhibits, trenching cross-sections, fiber splice tables, etc.  Assist with the selection of contractors for each project.
  3. Support business development related activities as it relates to estimated project capital expense
  4. Select, maintain, and utilize fiber network design software required for design activities
  5. Coordinate with GIS team to ensure as-built network is reflected in mapping software
  6. Work with GIS team to document fiber terminations, splicing of fibers and splicing sheets for all projects
  7. Work with operations team to ensure effective quality assurance processes are utilized for the installation and effective as-built documentation Familiarity with putting together permit applications for TxDOT, County, and City submittals.
  8. Design tasks may include layout of offsite and onsite Fiber systems.
  9. Act as point of contact with agency reviewers.
  10. Plans, designs, and oversees civil engineering projects, such as natural gas pipelines and fiber optic cable.
  11. Calculates cost and determines feasibility of project based on analysis of collected data, applying knowledge and techniques of engineering, and advanced mathematics.
  12. Prepares or directs preparation and modification of reports, specifications, plans, construction schedules, environmental impact studies, and designs for project.
  13. Inspects construction site to monitor progress and ensure conformance to engineering plans, specifications, and construction and safety standards.
  14. May use computer-assisted engineering and design software and equipment to prepare engineering and design documents.
  15. Build new relationships with key vendors and sub-contractors across all markets
  16. Participate in industry events to remain current on fiber infrastructure trends and new product developments
  17. Actively work with the President on budgeting and cash flow projections
  18. Attract key new hires and building the Centric Fiber team in conjunction with Centric Fiber’s President
  19. Implement and adopt policies, procedures, and reports to assist Centric in growing efficiently
  20. Implement and adopt policies, procedures, and reports to assist Centric in strengthening safety standards across companies (Gas and Fiber)
          Equivalent Education/Experience:
  • Bachelor's degree in engineering or related field
  • 2-6 years of related experience
  • 3+ years in designing underground conduit
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Detailed and in-depth understanding of local codes and regulations

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