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CRM Specialist - Munich, Germany

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CRM Specialist - Munich, Germany
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Munich,  DE
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Job Title: CRM Specialist
Location: Munich, Germany

Work Profile

We are looking for HubSpot CRM Specialists who will be responsible for the design, implementation, and support of the CRM strategy. The specialist will also be responsible for managing, analyzing, and interpreting data to provide insight and support strategic business decisions. The main area of focus however is to support and make best-practices recommendations to all teams which use the CRM solution.  Additionally, in this role, one would need to collaborate with business areas to gather and document new and existing requirements while providing recommendations and suggestions for solutions. CRM specialists should be skilled in marketing as well as in the IT field. They would need to understand the software, should be able to run complicated data sets, and discern meanings from the same. Their marketing skills would come to the forefront since they need to help the marketing teams tweak and hone multifaceted communications programs designed to drive sales.
 This role will also support and assist with end-user training and coordinate the implementation of these services for the business.

  • Plan and deliver CRM strategies across the organization to retain existing customers, increasing brand loyalty, and expanding the company’s brand value. 
  • Make sure the customer database is correctly segmented in order to target marketing activities appropriately
  • Collaborate with IT- sales- Marketing on defining the capabilities and driving the implementation of the required CRM infrastructure
  • Oversee CRM data governance which will include
  1. Data standards
  2. Data audit
  3. Data structures
  4. User access rights
  5. Reporting
  • Strategically plan, execute and assess the performance of individual CRM program strategy within the internal teams
  • Update and maintain stakeholder records within the CRM system 
  • Own the responsibility for retention campaigns, right from conceptualization to analysis. This will include idea generation, proposal preparation, overseeing the production process, and execution.
  • Ensure the CRM system provides an effective sales funnel
  • Analyze market reports to determine what kind of marketing trends the business should respond to 
  • Troubleshoot software or user errors that inhibit the efficiency of the interaction between people and technology
Skills and Qualifications
  • 2+ years of proven work experience as a CRM (Hubspot)
  • Technical expertise with CRM and analytical systems
  • Knowledge of online marketing methods and best practices
  • Organizational skills that will help to juggle competing demands between marketing, sales, customers, and management
  • Strong mathematical skills to analyze reports and work with large data sets
  • Attention to detail, to manage the integrity of the CRM data
  • Commercial awareness to understand the target market and design campaigns accordingly
  • Strong communication skills along with a customer-oriented attitude
  • Demonstrated ability to convey a sense of urgency, openness to new ideas, inclusion and diversity, integrity, customer focus, and respect.