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CNC Machinist
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As one of the largest OEM and OES servicers in the country, Nationwide Auto Services, Inc. provides a varied mix of services. Performed by the extensively trained members or the NAS team, we can customize our systems to assist you most effectively.

NAS is committed to providing the highest level of CUSTOMER SATISFACTION by supporting an array of OEM and OES services to the automotive, manufacturing, and agricultural industries. Our Team Members are highly skilled and receive continuous training to ensure all areas of SAFETY, QUALITY, and PRODUCTIVITY meet/exceed company and customer expectations. NAS is a dynamic, adaptable, flexible, and diverse service provider that takes great PRIDE in placing our customer needs first and ensuring environmental initiatives are complied with wherever our EXPERTISE is required.

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Job Responsibilities and Duties
  • Setup and operate CNC machines that include lasers, press brakes, plasma, etc.
  • Change tooling, laser cutting head, lenses, nozzles, tips, etc. when required and adjust components to optimize.
  • Adjust head spacing, program parameters, cutting rates, etc. depending on material conditions.
  • Monitor and adjust operating parameters such as gas levels, cut quality, etc. to achieve desired performance.
  • Work from prints, process orders, specifications, and verbal instructions.
  • Utilize DNC, DMM or other systems to input proper data and download CNC nesting programs to machine controllers.
  • Develop and maintain positive relationships with customers to increase overall customer satisfaction.
  • Produce quality work that demonstrates pride of workmanship.
  • Maintain your assigned workspace in an organized and clean manner.
  • Make every effort to achieve the production objectives set by management.
  • Perform other related or similar duties as required.
  • Maintain all safety standards.

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