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The Service Technician is responsible for assisting the Service Supervisor in all aspects of the maintenance of the property and grounds as assigned by the Service Supervisor.

  • Common Area Maintenance
    • Patrol grounds, attend to any landscaping issues, maintain pet stations, pick up trash / debris / pet waste
    • Inspect and maintain paving, parking, curbing, curb stops, sidewalks
    • Maintain pool (if any) and all associated equipment, inspect and maintain pool fencing/gate, clean and maintain pool / clubhouse bathrooms (Check for and maintain proper chemical ratios/logs in accordance with State law)
    • Inspect and maintain site fencing / retaining walls / handrails / all other fall/trip hazards
    • Inspect and maintain exterior lights / photocells / and associated electrical components
    • Patrol and inspect for sewer backups, water main breaks, leaks, and frozen water lines.  Complete necessary routine repairs when required
    • Inspect laundry facility / associated equipment and complete preventative maintenance on a routine basis
    • Inspect and maintain all other common area amenities on a routine basis
    • Report lease violations to office staff
  • Unit Make Ready Process  -  vacant units
    • Adjust thermostats in vacant apartments for responsible energy conservation
    • Perform routine checks, repairs and replacements of typical make-ready components and any/all other required items as detailed on the punch sheet
    • Inspect vacant units for water intrusion and or other risk related issues
    • Communicate with Service Supervisor and/or Community Manager regarding any deficiencies in unit condition that have not already been identified
  • Exterior Building Maintenance
    • Maintain, repair, and replace windows, doors and associated hardware including glass panes, screens, latches, locks, hinges, shutters, etc.
    • Inspect and maintain roofs, shingles, facia, soffits, flashing, gutters/downspouts, splashblocks, and associated elements consistent with company guidelines and protocol.
    • Inspect and maintain exterior siding, stair treads, handrails, patio enclosures, balconies, and all other carpentry related aspects of the property.
  • Resident Customer Service and Communication
    • Exercise diplomacy, professionalism, and a cordial manner at all times in dealing with the residents, staff, management, vendors, contractors and other associates
    • Understand and demonstrate quality customer service to all residents and prospective residents by communicating in a polite and courteous manner daily
    • Always observe and abide by the requirements set forth by the fair housing authorities
    • Always work to ensure the respect, privacy, rights, and confidentiality of all residents by never disclosing or discussing any privileged information obtained because of your position or unit entry
  • Occupied Apartment Maintenance – Service Requests and Scheduled Routine Maintenance
    • Complete all required documentation per company protocol when performing work in occupied units
    • Ensure that all routine service requests are completed promptly and satisfactorily within a 24-hour period (and that, consistent with the preceding bullet item, all required documentation is submitted in a timely basis consistent with protocol)
    • Perform repairs and maintenance, as requested, on all property-provided appliances including but not limited to ranges, refrigerators/ice-makers, dishwashers, water heaters, washers/dryers
    • Replace property-provided appliances when necessary
    • Perform miscellaneous minor electrical repairs as instructed by Service Supervisor
    • Perform reliable assessment and accurate determination of the source of leaks/water intrusion and take corrective action.
    • Replace/repair plumbing fixtures (including sinks, faucets, pop-ups, toilets, traps, supply lines, polybutylene piping, etc) and attend to various other plumbing-related issues such as clogged lines and water pressure issues
    • Door/window/lock repair and or replacement.
    • Carpentry repair and/or minor painting as needed.
    • Light fixture/ceiling fan/smoke-carbon monoxide detector, blind repair and or replacement.
    • Pest remediation, if not outsourced.
    • Perform scheduled AC filter and life/safety detector inspections.
  • HVAC Repair and Preventive Maintenance
    • Troubleshoot, repair, and perform preventive maintenance on HVAC systems and components including condensing fan motor, indoor fan motor, mounting bracket, capacitor, contactor, coils, suction line valve, liquid line valve, compressor, thermostat, electric strip heaters, control wiring, fuses, circuit boards, relays, transformer, drain pans, drain lines, traps, etc.
    • Identify refrigerant leaks using various methods (including nitrogen, ultra-violet leak detection dye, electronic leak detector, soap bubbles, etc) and make appropriate repairs using MAPP gas, oxygen acetylene, stick soder, or other approved HVAC repair methods
    • Perform refrigerant recovery procedure per EPA guidelines and corporate protocol
  • Efficiency and Expense Control
    • At all times, attempt to conserve energy, water, gas, and/or any other resources of the property
    • At all times, attempt to perform routine repair/maintenance work in-house with limited support from outside vendors
    • Minimize waste of materials and parts regardless of what they cost – use sound judgment when evaluating any item for replacement versus repair
    • Properly maintain company-provided equipment, tools, materials, and workspace
    • Assist Service Supervisor and Community Manager in quarterly budgeting – propose proper and efficient use of funds allocated to capex expenditures
  • General Duties and Responsibilities
    • Report to work on time, properly attired, ready to perform required duties without unnecessary delay
    • Complete all required documentation (including but not limited to checklists, inventory reports, routine maintenance logs, etc) per company protocol
  • Risk Management
    • Observe all safety precautions, standards and procedures by adhering to OSHA, EPA, PPE use and corporate requirements/guidelines
    • Follow and adhere to all O & M plans
    • Using an infrared screening tool, routinely test to identify hotspots by surface temperature measurement where upfitted aluminum wiring (if any) terminates to an electrical device
    • When on call, ensure that emergency maintenance is performed promptly and efficiently during non-working hours
    • Ensure that policies and procedures related to keys/locks are followed
    • Report any specific problems or on-the-job injuries to Service Supervisor and/or Community Manager immediately
    • Report any inappropriate conduct or behavior by outside contractors, residents, and/or coworkers to the Service Supervisor and/or Community Manager immediately
  • Qualifications, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
    • High school diploma or GED required
    • HVAC refrigerant certification required
    • CPO certification if pool is present
    • Light computer skills preferred
    • Must have minimum of one-year experience in residential apartment maintenance
    • Must have experience involving:  HVAC, heat pump repair, appliance repair, electrical circuits, electrical controls, air balancing, test equipment, volt ohm test equipment, power tools, refrigeration, carpentry, dry-wall repair, painting, locks, plumbing, concrete and paving repairs, residential sewer systems, welding, sodering/brazing, piping, roof repairs, and landscaping required
    • Must be capable of lifting a minimum of 50lbs
    • Must be capable of walking the property, climbing stairs and working from ladders
    • Must maintain valid drivers license and vehicle insurance at all times
    • Must be able to work with minimum supervision
    • Must have average verbal and written communication skills
    • Must be available to accept after hour and weekend on-call responsibility

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