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Regional Director of Physician Practices

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Regional Director of Physician Practices
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Jacksonville,  FL 32256
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Job Summary:

The Healogics Specialty Physician (HSP) Regional Director, Physician Practices is a key role that partners with their assigned outpatient wound care center, hospital inpatient and skilled nursing facility customers through managing a team of physicians, nurse practitioners, and advanced practitioners to meet the needs of wound care clinics and the creation of Excellent Patient Experiences. This partnership between the Regional Director, Physician Practices and operations includes understanding the customer need, the coordination of staffing a provider to meet the need and regular status reporting and issue management for the operations customer as well as support of the Client Solutions and hospital partner relationship. The Regional Director, Physician Practices focuses on effective and efficient operations to improve our wound care center performance as it relates to employed providers.

The Regional Director, Physician Practices is responsible for providing daily operational leadership and support to the providers within their area and actively partners with Medical Affairs for increased quality outcomes by the provider. This position creates Process Excellence through best practices and consistency amongst the HSP providers as it relates to operational practice management by ensuring the provider has quick access to all available resources and support tools.

All Healogics employees must perform their job responsibilities according to all Healogics policies, Hospital policies, as well as to accrediting organizations, federal and state regulation, and to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines, as applicable.

Essential Functions/Responsibilities:  

  • Acts as a liaison between all available support resources and the provider to ensure an optimal provider practice and increased quality in all patient care outcomes
  • Develops strategies with a focus on effective and efficient practice management operations, improvement, innovation, and quality as it relates to the HSP Providers
  • Works closely with the HSP Revenue Cycle Manager to educate Healogics Specialty Physicians (HSP) on appropriate documentation, medical necessity, billing and coding as it pertains to wound care and hyperbaric services
  • Completes ongoing monitoring of HSP performance via lightspeed, other applicable systems and KPIs
  • Partners with the Local Medical Director to provide medical leadership and clinical insight where helpful
  • Reports regularly to operational and clinical partners on provider improvement activities and progress
  • Manages provider’s planned time out of clinic and required coverage
  • Creates an Inspiring Workplace through support of an effective onboarding process for providers
  • Identifies potential needs for a change in current HSP provider and communicates to field leadership
  • Ensures provider coverage and manages IC assignments in assigned area
  • Works with each provider on scheduling and coverage to ensure productivity as well as to promote high clinical quality, high service quality, operational viability, and to ensure appropriate patient access to care
  • Works with providers and territory leadership to ensure schedules are maximized for efficiencies and physician productivity on a daily basis
  • Partners with credentialing and payor enrollment to ensure appropriate licensure documentation is captured and up to date
  • Actively participates and leads interviewing, onboarding, and requesting new positions, partnering with operations.
  • Maintains great public relations with Community, Partners and Operations
  • Performs other duties as required.

Required Education, Experience and Credentials:

  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited university or college in business, management, healthcare administration or related field.
  • Minimum of 5 years related experience in a leadership role in health care practice management
  • Familiarity with medical terminology
  • Must have a firm knowledge of professional and facility practice management

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Winning Attitudes: Leaders on the Strategy team face the reality of each situation and as themselves, “What needs to be true for Healogics and my team to succeed in this situation?” The leader then Owns It, deploys the rest of the attributes listed herein, and takes actions to succeed.
  • 100% service orientation: We are a support function, and as such our customers are the field organization. The Strategy team leader lives One Healogics, focusing all their energy on serving our team’s customers, seeking to understand their needs and how to best meet those needs in a timely and professional manner.
  • Patient-focused: The Strategy team leader lives by the mantra of “Heal More Patients”, ensuring that, within the scope of their function and role, that all appropriate health care resources are used to that end.
  • Effective Communication: Using professional and context-appropriate written, verbal, and non-verbal communication skills, the Strategy team leader effectively communicates to all audiences, at all levels, inside and outside the organization.
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills: Leaders on the Strategy team must constantly solve problems with a Winning Attitude. They must therefore be able to independently deploy analytical skills – whether through data analysis or process review – to identify gaps and develop appropriate solutions to those gaps. They must also use their professional judgment and experience to fill holes in their factual knowledge with appropriate assumptions, and work to validate those assumptions (adjusting plans where assumptions prove to be invalid). They must then be decisive, based on their analysis, and drive appropriate change.
  • Speak Up: With a Winning Attitude and with effective communication skills, the Strategy team leader tells the truth as they know it, as soon as they know it, always and every time. Talent Management: Strategy team leaders are rarely individual contributors. Therefore, a successful leader on the Strategy team must be able to fully describe the needs of their team and build high performing teams. They must then identify, hire, and train effective team members. If appropriate, they must also Speak Up, and quickly and efficiently performance manage underperforming team members to constantly improve their team. A Strategy team leader will always be accountable for, responsible for, and importantly, evaluated based on the strength and success of their team.
  • Work across multiple time horizons: With a Winning Attitude, the incumbent must be able to plan for and execute tactical, operational, and strategic initiatives. The situation – both internal and external to the team – and context for each team is different, and may change from time-to-time, and the Strategy team leader must adopt to that situation and context when planning and executing against these three-time horizons.
  • Technical skills: The least important of the skills required to be successful as a Strategy team leader, the incumbent must none-the-less be able to demonstrate and deploy the minimum necessary knowledge and experience to meet the essential functions and responsibilities described herein.

    Please reach out to Ashley Helfrich at Ashley.Helfrich@healogics.com for more information!

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