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Material Handler

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Material Handler
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Lakewood,  NJ
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Material Handler, Accupac, Lakewood, NJ

Accupac is hiring a Material Handler to join our Lakewood, NJ facility!

Basic Job Functions:

Responsible to set up and supply Line Workers and production equipment with correct components and product as directed.  Responsible to maintain cleanliness, orderliness and safety of production line areas and properly dispose of waste.  Responsible to observe Accupac Standard Operating Procedures and FDA Good Manufacturing Practices in all of the work performed.

Essential Functions of the Job:
  • Set up tables, tape machines, conveyors and any other designated equipment for shift start up.
  • Position pallets of components and product drums received from warehouse at proper places on the production line.
  • Verify that packaging component descriptions match product run and that they have Line Leader and Line Inspector approval circles on the inventory tickets.
  • Verify with Line Leader that product drum descriptions and batch codes match product run
  • Check positions on line to ensure that enough components/product are available
  • Keep Line Workers and equipment continuously supplied with components and change product drums and tanks as needed, verifying that they match with the product run each time delivery is made from warehouse.
  • Stir product in drums and scoop out residue into empty drums.
  • Remove and stack empty pallets for pick up and move replacement pallets into proper places
  • Breakdown cardboard, separate properly and remove to baler
  • Collect plastic, glass and product waste in proper waste containers.  Empty trashcans into carts and transport to recycling room.
  • Remove empty drums and place designated recycling material area.
  • Keep floor and aisles clear of cords, hoses, used pallets and unnecessary items.
  • Sweep up and remove debris and mop spills immediately and wipe equipment clean, as necessary
  • Return unused materials to their pallets
  • Prepare sanitizer solutions and identify appropriately.
  • Control bulk waste and keep waste containers clean.
  • Perform all other duties as assigned.

Minimum Requirements of the Job:
  • Possess knowledge of written and spoken English sufficient for internal communication
  • Possess the ability to follow instructions
  • Possess the ability to operate pallet jack

Physical Requirements:
  • Possess the ability to stand/walk on concrete floors for a full shift period
  • Possess the physical strength and mobility to lift and carry boxes of components weighing up to 50 lbs from floor to waist level.
  • Possess the physical strength and mobility to maneuver product drums, weighing up to 400 lbs, into position
  • Possess the physical ability to reach into the bottom of four-foot high product drums and move pallets of components/finished product.
  • Possess the ability to recognize colors and shades of color
  • Possess the visual acuity to read, identify and match components/product descriptions, part numbers and batch codes
  • Possess the ability to push/pull items up to 100 lbs
  • Possess the ability to hear speech and/or alarms through plant noise.
  • Possess peripheral and color vision
Possess the ability to work overtime as needed
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