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Real Estate Origination Manager - Solar & Storage

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Real Estate Origination Manager - Solar & Storage
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Bloomington,  MN 55437
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National Grid Renewables, which includes the renewables development company formerly known as Geronimo Energy, is a leading North American renewable energy company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with satellite offices located in the regions where it develops, constructs, and operates renewable energy projects. As a farmer-friendly and community focused company, National Grid Renewables develops projects for corporations and utilities that seek to repower America’s electricity grid by reigniting local economies and reinvesting in a sustainable future. National Grid Renewables is part of the competitive, unregulated Ventures division of National Grid and has a portfolio of solar, wind, and energy storage projects located throughout the United States in various stages of development, construction, and operation.

National Grid Renewables develops high value, competitive renewable energy projects. Our focus on communities and farmers means it’s not just about projects, but about the people we work with, both outside and inside our organization. National Grid Renewables Team Members embody our foundational culture of being entrepreneurial, creative, and nimble and take pride in supporting National Grid’s vision to be at the heart of a clean, fair and affordable energy future for all.

This role consists of a wide variety of real estate origination activities, including but not limited to title searching, examining, abstracting and agreement preparation. This involves managing a real estate origination team for greenfield and recently acquired solar and storage projects.  This role will oversee all aspects of the real estate department's involvement in the origination of solar and battery storage projects.

  • Work directly with the origination team, project managers, land agents, real estate team members, landowners, legal representatives, LPM contacts, third party abstractors, and external vendors to ensure seamless communication and efficient workflow.
  • Utilize site-specific landowner and land research to quickly and accurately produce site control agreements, including purchase options, leases, and easements for solar energy or storage projects.
  • Manage and track the real estate department's end-to-end origination process, from intake of agreement requests to the research of land and title matters, to the production of template site control agreements for solar and storage land acquisition.
  • Manage and lead a team responsible for supporting various aspects of the real estate origination process, including title research, agreement drafting, and request queue management, ensuring their professional development and effective collaboration within the department.
  • Oversee all aspects of the real estate department's involvement in the origination of solar and battery storage projects, including process improvement, and drafting and reviewing requested site acquisition documents such as purchases, leases, and easements.
  • Organize and maintain the initial parcel & landowner data provided to originate and develop renewable energy projects.
  • Examine vesting instruments and other recorded documents from public records to identify each parcel and landowner for assigned projects, demonstrating expertise in making determinations on complex title matters. Coordinate search work with third party abstractors, lawyers, recorders and researchers, as needed, ensuring seamless collaboration in the context of solar and battery storage initiatives.
  • Prepare and proof leases, easements, purchase options, and other origination associated documents, specifically tailored to the requirements of solar and battery storage projects, providing crucial support to the development team.
  • Manage template agreements for multiple states in the U.S., ensuring standardization and tracking progress of new template creations in new territories, with a special emphasis on solar and battery storage templates.
  • Review term changes and template change requests, collaborating with outside counsel as needed to mitigate risks associated with solar and battery storage initiatives.
  • Travel to various counties and states for public records research and landowner meetings (not to exceed 25%).
  • Provide customer service to landowners for complex title matters and questions, as needed.
  • Manage and address ongoing new and revised document requests and maintain up to date status reports on active projects.
  • Assist in the implementation of real estate production software and integration of new technologies, streamlining processes for solar and battery storage project management


We are particularly interested in candidates with a legal background, such as real estate attorneys, who can bring specialized knowledge and skills to the role.
  • 5+ years of experience in renewable energy real estate
  • Juris Doctor degree required
  •  Expertise in title examination and abstracting, showcasing a deep understanding of the complexities associated with renewable energy project land acquisitions. Notary Public
  • Proficient in Landworks LPM and Microsoft Office Suite, ensuring familiarity with industry-standard tools for real estate management and documentation.

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