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AI Engineering Intern
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AI Engineering Intern 


As an AI Engineering Intern at Hedgineer, you will have the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with some of the best engineers in the cloud services and AI solutions space. You will work on the evaluation and orchestration of Hedgineer’s multi-agent environment, ultimately developing and deploying innovative applications for the asset management industry. You will also research the AI technology landscape, identifying and evaluating new trends and opportunities for the company and its clients. You will gain valuable experience in full-stack development, database design, security and compliance, DevOps and cloud infrastructure, and client communication and support. 

Job description 

You are a motivated and curious engineer who is passionate about AI solutions. You are eager to learn from and contribute to the engineering teams processes, working on exciting and challenging projects that deliver value to our top-tier financial clients. You will be responsible for researching the AI technology landscape, exploring and analyzing new developments and use cases that can enhance the Hedgineer platform and its offerings. This will include designing graphs that string together multiple agents to achieve various asset management-related tasks and research risk operations and trading. You are also a team player, communicating effectively with your peers and mentors, and providing feedback and suggestions for improvement. 

Job responsibilities & requirements 

  • Develop and test cloud services and data systems using Python, SQL, and other languages and frameworks as required, following best practices and standards set by the Platform Engineer team. 

  • Research the AI technology landscape, using various sources and methods to gather and synthesize information on new trends, developments, and opportunities for the asset management industry. 

  • Communicate your research findings and insights to the senior management and engineering team, using clear and concise written and verbal communication skills. 

  • Support the Platform Engineer team in developing and deploying Hedgineer's multi-agent environment, integrating AI into existing workflows, and optimizing backend and frontend architectures. 

  • Support the Platform Engineer team in ensuring seamless software integration and deployment for clients, providing exceptional support and guidance as needed. 

  • Support the Platform Engineer team in implementing and maintaining advanced security protocols, compliance standards, and DevOps and cloud infrastructure practices. 

  • Provide feedback and suggestions for improvement on the Hedgineer platform and its service offerings, contributing to the long-term technology and business strategy of the company. 

  • Proficient in Python, SQL 

  • A good candidate for this role has spent significant time self-learning various AI tools and techniques. This includes using libraries like auto GPT prompt engineering, Mehta GPT auto GPT vertex, etc. outside of classroom environments. It also means that you are regularly watching YouTube video to learn new techniques as people are teaching them and closely follow news sites that are relevant to the space on Reddit hacker news or various newsletters.  

  • Expected to demonstrate how you have self-taught yourself over the last 12 months as part of the interview process. 

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