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Here at Puro Gusto you are so much more than an employee and are truly a partner in the success, growth, and development of our business. As a partner we will trust you with the most important actions we do every day, interacting with, caring for, and developing relationships with our guests. We will empower you make decisions you feel are best for the business and will ensure all customers have a memorable experience during their visits to Puro Gusto. As partners you will have the ability to receive bonuses based on how the business performs. Our partners are the foundation of our identity and through your work we will be able to exceed all of not only our customers’ expectations but also our partners expectations on Puro Gusto being a great place to work. We could not be more thrilled to have you here and look forward to seeing what we can accomplish along our journey together.

All Open Jobs

Title Location
Front of House Shift Manager Washington, DC 
Barista Washington, DC 
Assistant General Manager Washington, DC 


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