Logistic Analyst -Level IV Lead

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Logistic Analyst -Level IV Lead
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Hinesville,  GA 31313
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Logistic Analyst IV Lead
Fort Stewart GA
Hinesville, GA

We are seeking a Logistic Analyst IV Lead for the anticipated, five-year contract with the Department of Defense, 3rd Infantry Division (ID) G-4 Asset Visibility/Global Combat Support System – Army (GCSS-A) Property Accountability Team. 

As part of the GCSS-A property accountability team the Logistic Analyst IV Lead will expertly provide the G4 GCSS-A Echelon Below Division Section with GCSS-A property accountability support. Each Echelon Below Division level is responsible for an organization consisting of seven (7) battalions and HQ’s and TDA.


Experience working with LMI-DST, FMS Web, Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program (AESIP), Global Combat Support System Army (GCSS-Army), Army Vantage, Microsoft Office Suite, and fifteen (15) years’ experience in supporting Division Level Asset Visibility & GCSS-A Property Accountability efforts.


Provides the Division G4 GCSS-A/Asset Visibility Section with Division level Logistics GCSS-A Support. The Division level is responsible for four (4) Brigades consisting of seven (7) battalions, HQ’s and a Table of Distribution and Allowances (TDA) under the 3rd ID Senior Commander.
Contractor will provide Worldwide Asset Visibility support to all FORSCOM units at Ft. Stewart, Ft. Benning and Hunter Army Airfield that fall under the 3rd ID Senior Commander control. Contractor will perform manual and automated GCSS-A system with the ability to follow reporting procedures to XVIII ABN Corps G4, FORSCOM G4, ASC, AMC and Department of the Army Logistics Agencies.
Contractor will provide logistic support and guidance for maintaining accountability of the equipment assigned to the Division utilizing the GCSS-A Accountability Standard Automation System or manual procedures. This support includes the GCSS-A Property Accountability reports that consist of monthly sensitive item inventories, 10% inventories, Hand Receipt Management, Department of Defense Activity Address Code (DODAAC), Unit Identification Code (UIC), Equipment Lateral Transfer redistribution and excess turn-in reports.
Contractor will be able to Collect, compile, update and published the GCSS-A consolidated equipment roll up of Divisional and non-Divisional unit assets on hand, the Force Management System Website (FMSWEB) current/future authorizations and Army Vantage Program in order to properly maintain and redistribute equipment. This document review and management will also prevent the requisition of excess equipment and reduce excess in accordance with DA guidance.
Contractor serves as the Equipment On Hand (EOH) Subject Matter Expert (SME) on Unit Status Reporting (USR) and monitors the EOH readiness. Publish special instructions to subordinate units in order to ensure regulatory compliance and accurate reporting in according with AR 220-1.
Contractor coordinates and manages all divisional and non-divisional units DODAAC & UIC alignments, Activations/ In-activations, NTC rotations and Deployments/Redeployments as required thru AESIP.
Contractor provides management of all Class II, IV, VII and VIII Major End Items thru the Army Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures (MILSTRIP) requisitions, statuses & equipment received thru the Installation Supply Support Activities (SSA) and U.S. Army Medical Material Agency (USAMMA).
Contractor monitors property accountability of Force Modernization Equipment Fielding (FMOD), FORSCOM RECAP/RESET Program and FORSCOM/DA G8 equipment redistribution for all the Division/Non- Divisional units.
Contractor provides subject matter expert (SME) for the Decision Support Tool-Sourcing Module (DST- SM) and Army Vantage Program to properly plan and direct the execution of equipment redistribution for all FORSCOM units under control of the 3ID Senior Commander.
Contractor provides documentation to unit acquiring and expediting Class II/IV and VII equipment from approved sources such as XVIII ABN Corps G4, FORSCOM G4, AMC and DA G8.
Contractor reviews and conducts analysis of evaluations of logistical GCSS-A operations at Echelon Below Division level per Command Supply Discipline Program (CSDP) and AR 710-2.
 Contractor conduct reviews of subordinate’s units by providing subject matter expertise (SME) for the GE Existence & Completeness (E&C) audit readiness program. Receive GE Samples from DA and disseminate samples to appropriate accountable officers. Review samples returned by Accountable Officers and validate documentation for correctness and completion. Contractor will support all 3ID units under control of the Senior Commander.
Contractor will be required to properly handle and maintain accountability of sensitive item reporting requirements for items such as weapons, night vision devices, global positioning devices, and communications security (COMSEC) devices.
Contractor will provide the management of the Non-Standard Catalog for items procured but not include in SB 700-20/FEDLOG thru the Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program (AESIP) catalog.
The Contractor will provide support to the Division G4 GCSS-A/Asset Visibility Section to achieve the above stated goals through performance to include, but not limited to, the following actions:
(a) Contractor will execute, with a high degree of accuracy and proficiency, all property accountability operations, to include maintaining the Division Asset Visibility roll-up by the utilization of GCSS-A and FMSWEB programs. The GCSS-A & FMSWEB programs are utilized to build the equipment database.
(b) Contractor will review all equipment requested thru PR&C is not in the Army inventory and equipment capabilities are not already on hand from previous purchases, i.e. Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) in order to avoid wasting of government funds.
(c.) Contractor will maintain complete supporting document files IAW AR25-400-2, AR710-2, and DA PAM 710-2-1; utilize asset visibility functions, identify, and resolve equipment on hand (EOH) readiness, property accountability, and CL II/ CL IV(Non-expendable), CL VII (Major End Item) & CL VIII (Non-expendable Items) management issues and shortfalls.
(d.) Contractor will review, submit, maintain and load the Army Audit Readiness GE E&C testing results into the Department of the Army Database Program as directed by higher HQ’s and review, submit, maintain the 3ID GE testing results to ensure units are maintaining the highest Audit Readiness of property accountability.
(e.) Contractor will request and review Modified Table of Organization & Equipment (MTOE) and Common Table of Allowances (CTA) for non-expendable accountability. This property accountability effort will support of units during pre-deployment, deployment, and equipment in storage during pre/post deployment operations.
(f) Contractor provides accountable officer with administrative functions related to GCSS-A automated accountability property data transactions, supporting documentation, daily and periodic processing and supporting document files in accordance with Army Records Information Management System (ARIMS).
(g) Contractor reconciles inaccuracies within the supply system using LDAC, DLA, and other automated based systems as necessary. Contractor complies with appropriate regulations, forms and procedures pertaining to GCSS-A property accountability, hand receipts and other property accounting documents.
(h) Contractor will provide supply management guidance, support and a working knowledge of current US Army supply policies, management, and reporting procedures.
(i) Contractor will coordinate the timely receipt and issue of equipment through Supply Support Activities (SSAs), Force Modernization fielding programs, and lateral transfers.
(j) Contractor will identify, maintain, and resolve Asset Visibility, EOH readiness, Property Accountability and CL II (Non-expendable)/ CL VII (Major End Item) issues and shortfalls through active contact with XVIIIABN CORPS G4, FORSCOM G4, Army Sustainment Command (ASC), Army Materiel Command (AMC) and various Life Cycle Management Command (LCMC) item managers. Duties include tracking of all GCSS-A property supply requisitions along with follow up and expediting delivery of supplies and equipment for contingency operations.
(k) Contractor will execute, with a high degree of accuracy and proficiency, all property accountability operations to include maintaining GCSS-A property records for non-expendable property. This includes MTOE and TDA equipment owned or controlled by the Division. Contractor will utilize GCSS-A to achieve the following: 100% GCSS-A property accountability through the accurate posting of transactions within seven(7) days of document receipt; maintain complete supporting document files IAW AR 25-400-2, AR 710-2, and DA PAM 710-2-1; identify and resolve equipment on hand (EOH) readiness, and CL II/ CL IV (Non- expendable) & CL VII (Major End Item) management.
(l) Contractor will have a high degree of expertise and experience in Unit Status Reporting (USR) Equipment On Hand (EOH) readiness to include the proficiencies in writing USR readiness directives and special instructions in order to provide the most critical recommendations of organizations top shortages to 3ID Senior Commander.
(m) Contractor will have a high degree of expertise on the US Army TACOM- Unique Weapons Loan Program and be able to assist in tracking and maintaining the status of all Weapon Loans for all the FORSCOM units under the 3ID Senior Commander control.
(n) Contractor will monitor the property accountability of Force Modernization Equipment Fielding (FMOD), FORSCOM RECAP/RESET Program and DA G8 equipment redistribution for all the Division/Non- Divisional units by ensuring the proper coordination is made with the units and outside agencies to ensure accountability is maintained with 100 percent accuracy and to meet the 3ID Senior Commander’s Intent.
(o) Contractor will coordinate with XVIII ABN CORPS G4, FORSCOM G4 and LDAC, all units DODAAC’s & UIC’s alignments, Activations/ In-activations, NTC rotations and Deployments/Redeployments required in Conus or OCONUS. Contractor will maintain the UIC & DODAAC tracker.
(p) Contractor will have the DST-SM and Army Vantage Program training requirement met and Microsoft application knowledge to serve as the subject matter expert (SME) in order to take part in coordinating the planning and execution of equipment redistribution in accordance with the direction of the Division G4 Asset Visibility Chief for all XVIII ABN Corps and FORSCOM units at FSGA and HAAF.

 A Secret security clearance is required for all personnel assigned to this project.


Degree:  A Minimum of a Bachelors Degree (in a related field only) is required


$ 97,000.00 - $ 115,000.00 Annualized.


401K, Matching

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