Howard University Hospital | Washington, DC

    Air Conditioning Mechanic (2nd Class)

    Job Title
    Air Conditioning Mechanic (2nd Class)
    Job ID
    Washington,  DC 20060
    Other Location
    Required Skills

    Education Minimum formal education required, including degree level (e.g. Bachelor’s) and type/field (e.g. business, health care, etc.) High School Diploma or GED
    Experience Minimum years of experience required, and what type of experience qualifies Two (2) years of experience in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. Graduation from a trade school in AC and Refrigeration can be substituted for two years work experience.
    Supervisory/Management Experience Minimum years of supervisory/management experience required
    Certification and/or Licensure Any required certifications or licensures required
    Other Any additional background requirement

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